RMA Procedure

RMA (Return Material Authorization) Procedure
1. Products Warranty

All WISP Solution and MiniPCI products purchased from PT. Mitra Abdi Solusi (MAS) are eligible for 1 (one) Year Limited Warranty from factory defect.

However, warranties are void for the following cause of damages:
1.1 Damages caused by Electricity Spike.
1.2 Damages caused by Lighting related incident.
1.3 Damages caused by inappropriate use, setting or installation of the product.
1.4 Damages caused by short circuit eg. by water/liquid exposure.

Example of uncovered warranty incidents:
Applying/setting transmit power beyond the default/recommended setting, activating wireless radio without connecting to the appropriate antenna, activating wireless radio connected to the wrong frequency antenna.

Wireless accessory products eg. Power Adaptors, Insulators, Passive PoE, and Antennas are eligible for 1 (one) Week Limited Warranty only.

2. Warranty Policy

2.1 For products damaged in the first 3 (three) months period, MAS will do one to one replacement with no question asked, as long as the stock of the same type of product is available.
2.2 For eligible warranty claim after 3 (three) months, MAS will still do one to one replacement, as long as the stock of the same type of product is available.
2.3 All warranty claim products are to be delivered to MAS Service Center by the customer on customer’s expense. MAS will not cover any charges regarding the shipment or delivery for product warranty claims.

If the stock is not available at the time of warranty claim, MAS will receive the damaged product first, and the customer has to wait for the arrival of the product in the next shipment. As soon as the new product of the same type is available, MAS will replace the customer’s damaged product with the new one.

MAS reserve the right to reject warranty claim from its customer if the product is damaged by special cause(s) mentioned in point No. 1.1 to 1.4 above, with the exception of the first “no question asked” 3 (three) months warranty.

The above Products Warranty and Warranty Policy are applicable to all MAS Customers, both domestic or international.