Unanswered calls, long hold times and the inability to get through to the right person is not only frustrating, but it can cost you business. Alcatel  can help you create a tailored Greeting solution that lets you answer every call at every time of day with greater efficiency and ease.


  • When call volume is at its highest, make sure every customer receivesan immediate answer with a pre-recorded message that provides a personal welcome, and confirms that someone will take their call soon.

  • When the right greeting is in place, customers are more confident, and your staff are less stressed even during the busiest call times.


  • The faster customers can connect to the person they’re trying to reach, the more satisfied they are, and the more  positive they’ll view your level of service. The automated attendant is a solution that provides customers with 24-hour availability and simplicity. All without losing a personal touch.

  • After a pre-recorded welcome message, the customer is clearly advised to chose the service they want to reach by using their telephone keypad (e.g. “1″ for Sales, “2″ for Accounts, etc.). Nothing could be easier or more direct.


  • Managing peak activity can be a big challenge, particularly if your business experiences more volume at certain times of the month or year. That’s when your phones and staff are pushed to the limit.

  • The greeting center makes that pressure disappear. At every stage, the solution is optimizing resources and opportunities, connecting VIP customers faster, directing calls to the most competent staff first, and sharing the calls so everyone has the same workload.